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  • § 383.1
    Purpose and scope.
  • § 383.3
  • § 383.5
  • § 383.7
    Validity of CDL issued by decertified State.
  • § 383.21
    Number of drivers' licenses.
  • § 383.23
    Commercial driver's license.
  • § 383.25
    Commercial learner's permit (CLP).
  • § 383.31
    Notification of convictions for driver violations.
  • § 383.33
    Notification of driver's license suspensions.
  • § 383.35
    Notification of previous employment.
  • § 383.37
    Employer responsibilities.
  • § 383.51

    Disqualification of drivers.

  • § 383.52
    Disqualification of drivers determined to constitute an imminent hazard.
  • § 383.53
  • § 383.71
    Driver application and certification procedures.
  • § 383.72
    Implied consent to alcohol testing.
  • § 383.73
    State procedures.
  • § 383.75
    Third party testing.
  • § 383.77
    Substitute for driving skills tests for drivers with military CMV experience.
  • § 383.79
    Skills testing of out-of-State students.
  • § 383.91

    Commercial motor vehicle groups.

  • § 383.93
  • § 383.95
  • § 383.110
    General requirement.
  • § 383.111
    Required knowledge.
  • § 383.113
    Required skills.
  • § 383.115
    Requirements for double/triple trailers endorsement.
  • § 383.117
    Requirements for passenger endorsement.
  • § 383.119
    Requirements for tank vehicle endorsement.
  • § 383.121
    Requirements for hazardous materials endorsement.
  • § 383.123
    Requirements for a school bus endorsement.
  • § 383.131
    Test manuals.
  • § 383.133
    Test methods.
  • § 383.135
    Passing knowledge and skills tests.
  • § 383.141
  • § 383.151
  • § 383.153
    Information on the CLP and CDL documents and applications.
  • § 383.155
    Tamperproofing requirements.

Part 383

Question 1: May a State use the residence address as opposed to the mailing address on the CDL?

Guidance: Yes.

Question 2: May a State issue temporary nonphoto CDLs?


Yes, as long as:

a. The State does not liberalize any existing procedures for issuing nonphoto licenses; and

b. The State does not allow drivers to operate Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV)s indefinitely without a CDL which meets all the standards of §383.153.

Question 3: May a State choose to implement a driver license system involving multiple part license documents?

Guidance: Yes. A two or more part document, as currently used in some States, is acceptable, provided:

  • a. All of the documents must be present to constitute a "license;"
  • b. Each document is explicitly "tied" to the other document(s), and to a single driver’s record. Each document must indicate that the driver is licensed as a CMV driver, if that is the case; and
  • c. The multipart license document includes all of the data elements specified in part 383, subpart J.

Question 4: If the State restricts the CDL driving privilege, must that restriction be shown on the license?

Guidance: Yes.

Question 5: Is a State required to show the driver’s Social Security Number (SSN) on the CDL?

Guidance: No. §383.153 does not specify the Social Security Number (SSN) as a required element of the CDL document although the regulation does require a driver applicant who is domiciled in the U.S. to provide his or her Social Security Number (SSN) on the CDL application.

Question 6: Is a State prohibited from issuing a CDL to an applicant who, for religious reasons, does not possess an Social Security Number (SSN)?

Guidance: No. The determination of whether a peson needs an Social Security Number (SSN) is left up to the Social Security Administration.

Question 7: Is a color-digitized image of a driver acceptable for purposes of a CDL?

Guidance: Yes. The Federal Highway Administration FHWA will accept a color-digitized image of a driver on a CDL in lieu of a color photograph.

Question 8: May a State issue a commercial driver’s license (CDL) without a color photograph?

Guidance: Yes, if requiring a photograph (whether in color or black and white) would violate a driver’s religious beliefs. The issuing State must determine whether a driver’s objection to a photograph has a genuine religious basis. In addition, §383.3(e)(1)(iii) and authorizes Alaska to dispense with a photograph on its CDL.