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When is it appropriate to report a name change for my operating authority rather than a transfer of operating authority?

Definition: A transfer of operating authority means that there has been a change in the ownership, management or control of the company but that the company intends to keep its existing MC number.

There are several situations in which you would report a name change to the FMCSA:

  • If you are adding or deleting the names of people from the operating authority records, whether or not you change the company name (due to death, divorce, marriage, etc.):
    • Adding or removing husband or wife (requires copy of death certificate, divorce certificate or marriage license/notarized letter if marriage license is unavailable)
    • Adding or removing son or daughter (notarized letter required )
    • Adding or removing brother or sister (notarized letter required)
    • Removing existing partner listed on the authority (notarized letter required)
    • Removing existing LLC/corporation partnership (notarized letter required)
  • If you are changing the name of the company without a change of ownership

In other circumstances, you would generally report a transfer of operating authority:

  • If you are transferring operating authority to another person
    • Cousin
    • Aunt/uncle
    • Step- or half-siblings (or other distant relatives)
    • Non-related persons
  • If you are selling the company to a person who is not immediate family (spouse, sibling, children)

Last Updated : March 27, 2014
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