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What are the definitions of motor carrier, broker and freight forwarder authorities?

  • A motor carrier transports passengers or property for compensation
  • A broker is a person or an entity which arranges for the transportation of property by a motor carrier for compensation. A broker does not transport the property and does not assume responsibility for the property
  • A freight forwarder is a person or entity which holds itself out to the general public to provide transportation of property for compensation and in the ordinary course of its business:
    • Assembles and consolidates, or provides for assembling and consolidating, shipments and performs break-bulk and distribution operations of the shipments
    • Assumes responsibility for the transportation from the place of receipt to the place of destination
    • Uses for any part of the transportation a rail, motor or water carrier subject to the jurisdiction of either FMCSA or the Surface Transportation Board

Last Updated : April 1, 2014
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